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[for Eric] taking responsibility

The night after the fae incursion, Godric woke to a phone full of increasingly frantic text and voicemail messages from Isabel, starting at asking where he was and if he was all right, followed by the news the nest had been attacked by human hunters with silver-shrapnel bombs, with pictures of the devastation, and finally back around to asking where Godric was and if he was all right, this time in all caps or enough tension in her voice Godric could infer the swears she was self-censoring.

With only a quiet "I must go," to Eric, who could've heard the voice messages if he chose to listen, Godric began making arrangements for the flight to Dallas. Once that was settled, a message to Isabel for when she woke, letting her know he was well, leaving London on the first available flight, and would be arriving in Dallas several hours before dawn.

The bombs had done their job well. Everyone in the nest had sustained some level of injury, and there were many dead, both vampire and human, including Stan whom the hunters seemed to have targeted specifically. The injured had recovered, thanks to vampiric healing, by the time Godric arrived, but the nest was a disaster. Godric spent the next few nights offering support and leadership to the survivors as they all worked to rebuild. And he waited.

He was surprised how long it took for the Authority's representatives to arrive, almost as though they'd been waiting to see how the Dallas community responded, or how their sheriff did. When they did arrive, Godric was quick to take full responsibility for the incident and for his absence at the time. Members of the nest were questioned and exonerated. Godric's questioning took nights longer.

In the end, it was simple. Some papers were signed. Some belongings were packed up. This time, when Godric landed at Heathrow, he flew to Eric's house before calling for his progeny. This was not a story to share at the Blood Diamond.
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Eric had fortunately not been in the middle of anything when the call came. It wasn't anything it was easy to put words on, but a demanding tug that would not take no for an answer. He barely had time to tell his manager to call if he needed him, and then he had had to go, taking to the skies and flying over to his house as quickly as he was able.

The tugging didn't stop until he was kneeling at Godric's feet, and after bowing his head, he raised it to look up at his Maker, questions in his eyes.
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When Eric stood, it was straight inside Godric's personal space. "Nothing, no. What's going on?" For Godric to be here, now, and calling for him. Something had to be going on.
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A beginning of a smile ticked up Eric's lips, lighting up his eyes, before Godric went on, and gravity stole over him, too. "What happened?"
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Eric's frown deepened. "Who was responsible?"
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"Good," Eric said. Human hunters deserved nothing less. "And the Authority held you accountable, because you were here?"
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"Stan led them to your nest," Eric pointed out. He didn't know the vampire, but he didn't fucking care to.
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"If they think you unworthy of your position, they're fucking idiots," Eric replied without doubt. But his tone softened, then. "But if it means you're moving here... I'll take it."
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Godric's only failing had been trusting an idiot, apparently. Whoever Stan was, or had been. But there were more important things to say, right then.

"Are you moving in here?" Eric asked, not bothering to hide his hope.
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"My home is always yours," Eric confirmed, without an instant's hesitation. There was nothing he would like more than this. Being with Godric again... there were no words for it.
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Eric smiled, a small but completely genuine smile. He was nothing but happy to be reunited with his Maker, this time without an end in sight. "Don't presume, then. Know that you are always welcome to everything of mine."
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"I'll call in while you unpack," Eric replied easily. He had nothing planned he wouldn't reschedule to spend tonight with Godric.

But first, he leaned in more closely, hunching his shoulders so he could kiss Godric gently, with all of the love he bore him. Love felt like such a poor word for the wealth of emotions between them.
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"I imagine you won't need to feed?" Eric asked, just to make sure. He would have liked to, himself, but he didn't need to tonight, and he would rather spend the night with Godric, if his Maker wasn't going to partake.
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"It can wait until tomorrow," Eric assured him, already turning away and sliding his phone out of his pocket to make the necessary calls.
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Eric turned back to Godric once he was done, now free to focus on nothing but his Maker. "Will you miss Texas?"
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"Will you tell me, when you grow weary of your life here?" Eric requested, walking slowly over to Godric, as if he couldn't quite stay away. And why would he try?
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"Still," Eric requested, focusing on the touch of Godric's hand on his arm. He turned his hand up, to offer it to his Maker, if he wanted it. "I'd appreciate it."
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Eric stepped in closer, wrapping his other arm loosely around Godric's shoulders, his own hunched so he could rest the side of his face against Godric's head. It was so sudden that it all seemed surreal, and he had to assure himself, all over again, that this was real. That Godric was staying.
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"Thank you," Eric told him quietly, switching to his mother tongue.