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The night after the fae incursion, Godric woke to a phone full of increasingly frantic text and voicemail messages from Isabel, starting at asking where he was and if he was all right, followed by the news the nest had been attacked by human hunters with silver-shrapnel bombs, with pictures of the devastation, and finally back around to asking where Godric was and if he was all right, this time in all caps or enough tension in her voice Godric could infer the swears she was self-censoring.

With only a quiet "I must go," to Eric, who could've heard the voice messages if he chose to listen, Godric began making arrangements for the flight to Dallas. Once that was settled, a message to Isabel for when she woke, letting her know he was well, leaving London on the first available flight, and would be arriving in Dallas several hours before dawn.

The bombs had done their job well. Everyone in the nest had sustained some level of injury, and there were many dead, both vampire and human, including Stan whom the hunters seemed to have targeted specifically. The injured had recovered, thanks to vampiric healing, by the time Godric arrived, but the nest was a disaster. Godric spent the next few nights offering support and leadership to the survivors as they all worked to rebuild. And he waited.

He was surprised how long it took for the Authority's representatives to arrive, almost as though they'd been waiting to see how the Dallas community responded, or how their sheriff did. When they did arrive, Godric was quick to take full responsibility for the incident and for his absence at the time. Members of the nest were questioned and exonerated. Godric's questioning took nights longer.

In the end, it was simple. Some papers were signed. Some belongings were packed up. This time, when Godric landed at Heathrow, he flew to Eric's house before calling for his progeny. This was not a story to share at the Blood Diamond.

for Eric

Feb. 1st, 2017 08:00 pm
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Isabel and Stan had miraculously been in agreement, by not approving of Godric's plans to travel to London. Their arguments held little weight, though, when compared to the sudden strong urge to see his progeny after decades apart, and as he knew they would, they'd grumbled but eventually accepted they weren't going to change his mind. He left strict instructions for them on the management of the nest in his absence, including not to tell anyone who didn't already know he was traveling, and set off for the airport, his arrangements made and confirmed before he told his lieutenants of his plans.

The next evening, he emerged from the casket in which he'd flown across the Atlantic, glamouring the customs official who'd been inspecting the casket paperwork, and without even checking into his hotel made his way to the Blood Diamond, Eric's center of control in the city.

He drew stares as he walked into the club. For the humans, he stood out both for his clothes, off-white tunic and loose trousers not the usual attire for a goth/vampire nightclub, and his apparent age being younger than the minimum. Among the vampires, it was those who sensed Godric's age and power that turned to look, some pulling back or nodding in recognition as he passed. He paused once he had a good view of the room, and the room of him, and waited, a hint of smile wanting to play over his face.


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